MacMost forum question: How To Set Up Apple IDs To Use Find My Friend ? My spouse and I both have iPhones (with iOS 5) and share Apple iTunes and iCloud IDs and use iCloud's shared Address Book and Calendar. Oct 08, 2019 · On iPod nano (3rd or 4th generation) and iPod classic, press the Center button twice on the About screen to see the software version. On an iPod shuffle Find the version with iTunes .

Find My Friends (iOS 5) versus Google Latitude (Android) Once again, Apple's iOS 5 update borrows from Android when introducing a new feature, then adds a unique touch. Jun 24, 2016 · How to Set Up and Use Find My Friends on iPhone 6/6s/SE. Step 1. First you need to download Find My Friends app on your iPhone (iOS 8). The app is bundled with iOS 9. Step 2. Open it and login with your iCloud account. Allow Find My Friends to Push Notifications and Location Sharing. Step 3. Tap the Add button > Choose a contact > Tap on Send.